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About Midnight Sun Travel

About our company, vision, and tour leaders

Vision & Values

Our Mission

To provide outstanding and authentic outdoor experiences in western Canada for the leisure traveller. Hiking and walking in parks, wildlife viewing and cultural exchanges offer unique, inspiring experiences for the soft adventurer. We take pride in creating lasting memories.

Quality of Service

Meeting the needs of our customers is our ultimate goal. We do this by providing steady performance at an acceptable price. This performance is measured by the continuum of service that begins with a customer inquiry and ends on the last day of the tour. All of us seek customer feedback, welcome it, and use it to improve our performance. 

Sustainable Tourism

All of us in the agency are keenly motivated to continue to take steps to ensure that future generations will share our blessing to live and work in this land. We integrate sustainability into our business practices including the environmental, social and economic aspects of delivering tours in wilderness-based settings. More on our sustainable tourism practices…

Ethics and Integrity

We engage in honest and fair business practices. We show loyalty and respect for each other, our team members, our customers, suppliers, shareholders, and communities in which we operate. We communicate with honesty, forthrightness and sincerity.

The Right People

We provide our staff with clear knowledge of what is expected of them, the tools and equipment necessary to do the best job, encouragement in their development and recognition for a job well done. Every employee at Midnight Sun is an internal customer - the individual who performs the next operation. Meeting the needs and expectations of our internal customers is fundamental to achieving external customer satisfaction.


We have a "Can Do" attitude. We work together to support, inspire and laugh with each other.