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Vision and Values

Our mission is to provide outstanding and authentic outdoor experiences in western Canada for the leisure traveller.

Our Values

 Quality of Service: Meeting the needs of our customers is our ultimate goal. We do this by providing steady performance at an acceptable price. This performance   is measured by the continuum of service that begins with a customer inquiry and ends on the last day of the tour. All of us seek customer feedback, welcome it, and   use it to improve our performance.

 The Environment: We provide our clients with a better understanding of the natural environment by promoting responsible outdoor ethics, low impact   hiking and education.

 Ethics and Integrity: We engage in honest and fair business practices. We show loyalty and respect for each other, our team members, our customers,   suppliers,  and communities in which we operate. We communicate with honesty, forthrightness and sincerity.

 The Right People: We provide our staff with clear knowledge of what is expected of them, the tools and equipment necessary to do the best job,   encouragement in their development and recognition for a job well done. Every employee at Midnight Sun is an internal customer – the individual who   performs the next operation. Meeting the needs and expectations of our internal customers is fundamental to achieving external customer satisfaction.

 Enthusiasm: We have a “Can Do” attitude. We work together to support, inspire and laugh with each other.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Tourism

Midnight Sun Adventure Travel’s small group adventures utilize local outfitters, stay in small scale, locally owned accommodation and frequent local shops for meals, supplies and crafts. These practices facilitate a high degree of contact with locals and ensures that the economic development our business brings goes directly to local businesses and communities.

Our goal is to ensure that the business we bring to remote communities is a positive experience for indigenous people, our tourism suppliers and tourists themselves. As a company that specializes in off-the-beaten path experiences in western and northern Canada, we know that the environment, economy and culture of the areas we visit are particularly vulnerable to damage. Small group tourism in isolated areas can be more devastating than mainstream beach-or city-based tourism, which has a higher resiliency to absorb growth. Our vigilance in promoting and practicing sustainability of our tours in Canada extends to educating clients, training our guides, and the caliber of our suppliers.

As examples, our bear viewing practices avoid interrupting the bear’s natural traffic patterns and eating habits. Our whale watching practices conform to Be Whale Wise guidelines established by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Overall, all operators we work with live in nearby communities and depend on the sustainability of a healthy and confident wildlife population for their livelihood. We utilize only local, licensed operators who have proven track records of client safety, keep respectful viewing distances and use environmentally friendly practices.

As part of our ongoing process to review and modify our sustainable tourism practices we encourage our clients to make suggestions. Our clients note how we may improve our practices in the evaluation we provide after the tour, or by emailing us.


We employ guides with experience in working and/or living in the areas in which we travel. They are familiar with the area’s local culture, environmental issues, natural history and any particular challenges associated with traveling through remote areas of Canada. We select our guides based on their knowledge and commitment to sustainable travel and train them in low-impact travel. They have first aid and CPR certification and are licensed commercial drivers. We use local guides on all of our trips for specific excursions.


Most of our travel in Canada is by 15 passenger van. These vehicles, which are the most economical way to transport our small groups, are all current year and thus meet or exceed vehicle pollution requirements. To access remote areas, we place a high emphasis on non-motorized travel in Canada including walking, kayaking, canoeing and float rafting. When we walk and hike, we stick to the trails to avoid damage to the native flora

Tour Composition

Our pre-trip information contains insight into social and environmental issues that impact on areas we visit. Tour itineraries include learning about each area’s unique social and environmental issues, indigenous culture, and how to minimize the environmental impact of our visit. We encourage our clients to sample local cuisine, including wild game, to purchase authentic products and to bring reusable fluid containers. We practice a policy of reduce, reuse and recycle on all tours.


In order to stimulate local economies we use locally-owned accommodation with an emphasis on hotels that pursue good environmental practices such as conserving water and minimizing waste. When we camp, we practice no trace camping.

Group Size

We limit our group size to 6 people. This size is less intrusive on the environment and local tourism infrastructure. It also facilitates better opportunities for local interaction.

Direct Corporate Contributions

Midnight Sun Adventure Travel supports the following environmental charities in Canada: the Orca Lab, the Umista Cultural Centre and the Western Wilderness Committee. In the office we use recycled tissue and environmentally friendly cleaning products. Our office staff are provided with a secure place to store their bicycles and encouraged to car pool. We solicit and act upon client comments as how to improve our sustainable tourism practices.

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