"4 reviews We had an amazing trip to Haida Gwaii guided by David Hopper from Midnight sun Adventure Travel. David went over and above our expectations. He was quick to adjust our schedule when needed to provide us with the best experience of Haida Gwaii. You could feel his love for the Island and its people."
Paul Zubick
“The cultural and environmental experiences were excellent.”
“We ended a weekend of sunshine and the last green of the season with a moody day of fog and rain. But the bears were out every day! We loved the Chalet – its comforts, beautiful location along the great bear highway, and the fantastic meals Jeff served us. But what changed us was our experience with the bears – on their terms, in their home. Jeff helped us see with the “bear’s eye view”, which opened up a new way of seeing. We’re grateful for an enjoyable weekend and a great life experience! All the best”
Brie Linkenhoker & Bill Newsome
The whole tour could not be faulted, supremely well organised from start to finish. They even organised the bears to come and see us as well as the whales. If anybody wants to reconnect with nature, quietness and learn some Culture then I can’t recommend this highly enough. I left the Island a different person and couldn’t fault one part of this trip. I want to thank everybody involved in this Adventure because you are all Bloody Brilliant!”
Tracy C.
“My brother and I spent five days with Jeff at the Great Bear Chalet at the end of August. Jeff was an superb host. We dined in style the Great Bear Chalet; way, with fresh local veggies and fruit, combined with barbequed ribs, pork, and my personal favorite, homemade pesto pasta. All the food was prepared by Jeff in the comfort of the Chalet. We stayed in the guest room on the main floor, a very comfortable room and bathroom with terrific wildlife and first nations artwork on every wall. We really had the impression that his Chalet was our Chalet for those few days. We had freedom to walk out on to the spacious deck and sit in the morning sun listening to the river go by only a few hundred feet away, while a great misty mountain towered over us. The Chalet is immersed in the wild (inside Tweedsmuir provincial park), with great windows throughout to view the ever present wild life. We were lucky enough to hear a bear making his way through the bush, as well as to see a bushy tailed fox right below us. Each day we did something new in the region. Jeff knew the area so very well, as well as the best places to see grizzly bears, and on our first day we saw a mother grizzly and her two one year old cubs. The second day we ventured on a long walk down a trail next to the Atnarko river and saw yet another mother grizzly and her two cubs, this time two years old. We were maybe twenty feet away, and the mother grizzly made eye contact with us as we slowly back away as a group. It was an amazing moment for my brother and I. We were both overcome with awe, and yet felt completely safe thanks to Jeff’s in depth knowledge of these great animals. We also enjoyed a river rafting experience, and to finish the trip we made the long drive up Freedom Road into Alpine country. It was here that we hiked through the fire scorched alpine, with beautiful creeks and meadows combined with wild flowers popping up left and right. We came back with some extraordinary pictures, particularly of the vast alpine country that overlooks on to snow laden Pacific Coastal Mountains. Overall it was the best trip experience I have had in years, and I look forward to doing it again soon! Jeff was so very knowledgeable as both a bear guide and host to the region. We felt at ease in his Chalet, and received an all inclusive, comfortable experience that far exceeded our expectations. I would recommend this trip to anyone who wants to experience British Columbia’s natural beauty the way it should be experienced, fully immersed in it all. I have come back with pictures, stories, and inspiring knowledge of our great outdoors in this province, especially of the true king of the region, the mighty grizzly bear!”
Jason Burr