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Very Good
  • We enjoyed every minute of our trip
    By Lorri M. February 2, 2023
    Reviewed Tour Custom Tours
    “Dawn was a treasure not only was she excellent at her job but she bent over backwards to make sure we enjoyed every minute of our trip”.
  • Highly recommended!
    By Helen Parsons February 2, 2023
    Reviewed Tour 8 Days in Haida Gwaii with Air | Ultra Small Groups
    Helen Parson (Google) 1 review 2 weeks ago I was part of the July 15, 2022, Haida Gwaii tour run by Midnight Sun. This was a very small group with four participants along with first Nina and then David as guide. It was apparent that they have close contacts in the local community and they drew ably upon this wealth to provide us with a wide experience of local Haida culture including: a superb boat trip to SGang Gwaay and Windy Bay; a tour of the Haida Cultural Centre and Museum; explanation by a Haida guide of local artifacts including poles and longhouses … a trip to the abandoned village of Yan; a great dinner of Haida items at Keenawaiis’ Kitchen; visits to carving sheds; hikes on interesting trails to scenic locations and stops at many other local attractions. The tour was comprehensive, educational and fun. I highly recommend it.
    Date of Experience: September, 2022
  • A Safari Indeed!
    By Joan WV February 2, 2023
    Reviewed Tour 8 Days in Haida Gwaii with Air | Ultra Small Groups
    JoanWV wrote a review Aug. 2022 (Trip Advisor) West Vancouver, Canada22 contributions9 helpful votes Haida Gwaii Safari Review of: Haida Gwaii Haida Gwaii “Safari” conjures up African Wildlife Parks and searching for wild animals. However, the term derives from both Swahili and the Arabic word Safar meaning “to journey”. With this definition, our recent 8 day trip to Haida Gwaii, was indeed a journey into the world of the Haida. Our plans to visit Haida Gwaii started in 2019 for a trip in 2020. Covid changed those plans but in 2021, We took small group tour to Haida Gwaii … with Midnight Sun Adventure Travel with only 5 guests. In the time of Covid the small group appealed to us very much. Our tour concentrated on Graham and Moresby Islands, rather than the more popular southern area of Gwaii Haanas, due to scheduling issues with float planes and the availability of pilots. However, our journey introduced us to members of the Haida Nation who were more than willing to share their culture and traditions with us. We had the privilege of meeting and visiting with three well respected carvers in Old Masset, who shared their current work and explained the significance of each. We would never have met these artists without the knowledge and good relationships they had with David our Midnight Sun guide/driver. In addition, we met jewellers, painters, and musicians. We met two jewellers at Haida Arts who made me a pair of red beaded earrings. We also enjoyed the amazing beaches, where we were able to enjoy walks everyday. In fact, everyday included a hike into the forest or on a beach or even in a cemetery. We enjoyed the food of renowned chef Roberta Olsen in her cosy beachside home, as well as food in our accommodations. We had three different accommodation experiences. A local motel with its lovely attached rooms that served the most delicious breakfasts: Smoked Salmon breakfast bagels and their homemade scones were a must. A bed and breakfast by the beach on Hecate Strait, introduced us to the ingenuity of people who live on Haida Gwaii, where resources are limited and infrastructure for visitors not fully developed. And a lovely lodge located in the rainforest overlooking the beach for our final three days where we had a personal chef provide dinners and lunches. One of the highlights of this week (there were so many) was the trip to Skedans or Kuuna Linagaay, on the Northeast Corner of Louise Island. This village is outside the boundary of Gwaii Haanas National Park but is still a Haida Heritage Site with a resident Watchman. We enjoyed the site, a picnic on the beach, and on our way back, pods of Orca hunting seals on a neighbouring beach, and Sea Lions sunning themselves on a rocky outcrop. We were accompanied on this trip by Vera, a Haida elder, who sang traditional Haida songs, provided traditional tobacco to the Orca and drummed a “thank you” for presenting themselves to us. Another, highlight was being educated by Haida members in the art of crabbing on North Beach at Taw Hill. Haida Gwaii has little infrastructure for independent travel on the islands, and with few roads and even fewer rental cars, taking a tour such as this one ensured that we got an immersive experience into the Haida Culture. A Safari indeed!
    Date of Experience: August, 2022
  • Tour was Excellent
    By Jim Hill February 2, 2023
    Reviewed Tour 8 Days in Haida Gwaii with Air | Ultra Small Groups
    Jim Hill – August 4, 2021 (Google) one review My wife and I attended the Haida Gwaii tour from August 4 to 11 of this year. The tour was excellent overall. We could not have had such a rich experience without the guide aspect of the tour. Our group was very small, 2 couples, and our guide, David Hopper, did a tremendous job helping to ensure that our individual objectives for the tour were met. We visited many interesting places and met Haida guides, watchmen and artists that David had made connections with over the years he has been guiding. Logistical issues … like accommodation, meals, transportation, tours and walks were all expertly managed by Midnight Sun. We would definitely book tours with Midnight Sun again.
    Date of Experience: August, 2022
  • 5 stars. Excellent
    By Valerie February 2, 2023
    Reviewed Tour 8 Days in Haida Gwaii with Air | Ultra Small Groups
    ”My travels to Haida Gwaii were most memorable for the range of experiences, acquired knowledge about Haida history, art and culture and the people with whom we interacted during our journey. I would rate this trip a 5 (excellent!). TY so much”.
    Date of Experience: September, 2019
  • An amazing trip
    By Paul Zubick February 2, 2023
    Reviewed Tour 8 Days in Haida Gwaii with Air | Ultra Small Groups
    "We had an amazing trip to Haida Gwaii guided by David Hopper from Midnight sun Adventure Travel. David went over and above our expectations. He was quick to adjust our schedule when needed to provide us with the best experience of Haida Gwaii. You could feel his love for the Island and its people.”
    Date of Experience: March, 2019
  • What a memorable time
    By Sandy Bryson February 2, 2023
    Reviewed Tour 8 Days in Haida Gwaii with Air | Ultra Small Groups
    We recently Toured Haida Gwaii with Midnight Sun Adventure . It was an awesome time with beautiful scenery , tons of history , great accommodations and food , amazing culture and people . Our Tour Guide , Dave , couldn’t have been more informative , friendly or helpful . He was with us every step of the way and took us to places I’m sure not many get to see . Inside personal Long Houses . carving sheds with totems and war canoes being worked on , watching carvers making jewelry etc. , museums …… and believe it or not , Chinese Food . What a memorable time .
    Date of Experience: September, 2017
  • Supremely well organised
    By Tracy C. January 25, 2023
    Reviewed Tour Orcas and Grizzlies Tour with Air
    The whole tour could not be faulted, supremely well organised from start to finish. They even organised the bears to come and see us as well as the whales. If anybody wants to reconnect with nature, quietness and learn some Culture then I can’t recommend this highly enough. I left the Island a different person and couldn’t fault one part of this trip. I want to thank everybody involved in this Adventure because you are all Bloody Brilliant!”
    Date of Experience: September, 2018
  • I was very lucky with both whale and bear sightings
    By B. Arn January 25, 2023
    Reviewed Tour Orcas and Grizzlies Tour with Air
    “The whole trip went very well and I was very lucky with both whale and bear sightings. I would also like to mention Rich and Emma as they made my stay at the lodge excellent and were always available to help with any of my travel or trip arrangements.”
    Date of Experience: August, 2019
  • Fantastic Alert Bay adventure!
    By Stephen C. January 25, 2023
    Reviewed Tour Orcas and Grizzlies Tour with Air
    Fantastic Alert Bay adventure! Nina and Scott went out of their way to make our experience in Alert Bay special. We had a great trip up from Victoria with stops and stories along the way. Toured Alert Bay and learned a lot about the locals and the history of the area. Very special visits at the lodge from First Nation members who shared songs, lore and salmon preparation. A memorable experience!
    Date of Experience: September, 2019
  • The whale and bear watching were completely awesome
    By Nick C. & Chris L. January 25, 2023
    Reviewed Tour Orcas and Grizzlies Tour with Air
    “All the arrangements worked really well, the whale and bear watching were completely awesome (not a word I use often or lightly!). We loved Vancouver Island and Alert Bay, and we’d love to be back there again one day”
    Date of Experience: August, 2020