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Travelling by Small Group for Tourism in Haida Gwaii, BC

For the sake of its fragile environment and indigenous residents, the islands of Haida Gwaii are best explored by individuals and small groups that respect this amazing land. Now, while the term “small group” can apply to as many as 40 odd members to share your adventures with, the general definition is 12 or fewer. If you’re not sure what the maximum (and sometimes unadvertised) capacity is on your tour, check with your travel company.small group toursim in haida gwaii BC Canada

Accommodation in Haida Gwaii offers a good selection of bed and breakfasts, inns, guest houses, retreats, campgrounds, yurts and private homes with rooms to rent. By travelling in small groups, you’ll have the flexibility to stay in places, many of which have their own sense of character and quirkiness. You’ll have the opportunity to meet the proprietors, perhaps exchange a few stories, and become immersed in local culture apart from the crowds. Your small group may be spread out over two or three bed and breakfasts, enough room to feel you’re exploring the area independently.

The same holds true for Haida artists. Jewelry, gifts and shops tend to be small and full of character.  Carving studios are not to be missed and are best visited by small groups (generally by appointment), as their indoor shops do not have much elbow room, especially when carvings such as a poles or canoes are underway. The Haida Heritage Centre is a must-see. Locally owned establishments include restaurants, takeouts, food trucks and pubs. Do not count on chain restaurants, hotels or car rental companies on Haida Gwaii!

Day and multi-day Haida Gwaii tours are conducted by Haida and tour operators. These include trips to heritage sites and other points of interest by zodiac and closed cabin landing craft. Sailing and motorboat tours are based at Haida Gwaii or make the trip up Queen Charlotte Strait from the Vancouver and Victoria. Tour operators run coaches and vans to Prince Rupert and then catch the Haida Gwaii ferry. BC Ferries fifteen-hour car ferry departs Port Hardy for Prince Rupert on alternating days. As part of a tourism trip to Haida Gwaii, several operators provide direct access to Haida Gwaii’s islands by air from Vancouver.