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Company Profile

Midnight Sun Adventure Travel is a BC-owned travel agency operating as an inbound tour operator.

We are licensed by the British Columbia Consumer Protection Authority (#3042-4) and, as such, abide by the rules and regulations regarding travel services in British Columbia including administration of a trust account for all funds advanced to us by our customers. In addition to providing tours of western and northern Canada, our services include:

  • Pre-trip support for independent travelers and groups including itinerary consultation, provision of comprehensive pre-departure information, accommodation and activity reservations.
  • Designing and delivering tour programs for international tour operators, special interest groups and corporations.


Our commitment to you begins the moment we respond to your inquiry. We promptly answer emails and extend our hours to seven days a week from June 1 to September 30. It may take a few phone calls or emails for you to make up your mind about joining a tour, and that’s okay – we want to make sure you have all the information you need to look forward to your adventure trip with Midnight Sun. Once you book, we provide you with comprehensive predeparture information that includes area descriptions, what to bring and weather conditions. An example of how far we’ve gone to meet customer needs is on our media page.

Relationships with our customers, employees, and suppliers account for our ongoing success and enjoyment in providing top notch adventure travel holidays. We read every customer evaluation, and take every customer comment seriously, using this feedback to improve the quality of our adventure travel products.

Many of our customers are new to adventure travel, so please don’t be shy about asking any questions that come to mind. It’s quite likely that, despite how “out there” you think your question is, we’ve heard it before. Given that we make our living by exceeding customer expectations on our tours, there is very little we take for granted – every customer is special!

Want to book a tour with us? Check out our available trips or get in touch with us at tours@midnightsuntravel.com or call 1.800.255.5077