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British Columbia

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  • Desolation Sound Expedition

    5 days  ·  Quadra Island, B.C. or Vancouver Return → Quadra Island, B.C. / Vancouver  ·  Easy

    Kayaking Desolation Sound, a sea kayaker’s paradise. Paddling amongst the towering mountains of the British Columbia Coast Mountain range is a truly awe-inspiring adventure. Desolation Sound has a Mediterranean climate which makes it our favourite place to paddle in May, June, early July and September where you can count on having the best weather on the coast. More information…

  • Great Bear Rainforest Kayak Tour

    Vancouver, B.C. return  ·  Moderate

    Stretching for 400 kilometres along BC’s coast, the Great Bear Rainforest is the largest intact temperate rainforest in the world. This beautifully rugged coast offers the adventurous traveller with diverse kayaking routes, abundant wildlife, and a rich First Nations culture. More information…

Haida Gwaii

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  • Ultimate Gwaii Haanas Explorer Kayak tour

    Vancouver, B.C. return  ·  Moderate

    Commonly called Gwaii Haanas, this protected area encompasses 138 islands. Here, the adventurous kayaker will experience stunning scenery, remote wilderness, fantastic wildlife, and the opportunity to visit remote Haida cultural sites. Previous kayak experience is required. More information…

Vancouver Island

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  • Family Kayak with Whales

    6 days  ·  Vancouver, B.C. return  ·  Very Easy

    Searching under rocks for crabs, watching humpback whales feed on a school of small fish, or being surprised as a harbor seal pops up right next to their kayak are all memories children cherish for a lifetime. Designed for families with children aged 6 to 14. More information…

  • Kayak with Whales

    6 days  ·  Vancouver, B.C. return  ·  Easy

    Imagine waking one morning to the sound of a humpback whale’s blow as it swims past your ocean-side tent. Later watch in awe as a pod of orcas glides past your kayak as a bald eagles swoops down to catch a salmon. More information…

  • Paws and Jaws

    6 days  ·  Vancouver, B.C. return  ·  Easy

    Seeing a humpback whale lunging through a school of bait fish, a grizzly bear chasing salmon in a shallow river, or a pod of killer whale surfacing in unison are often considered once in a lifetime experiences and all three are possible on "Paws and Jaws" and "Orca Water Base Camp tours." More information…